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Steve Hauber

Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Officer

“As Navient expands into new lines of business and finds new ways to help customers, our job is make sure we’re up to speed on any risks and that we do things the right way and we do them well – for the company, for our customers and for our investors.”


Steve Hauber starts each day with a to-do list and then he “goes after it.” The Maryland native developed his action plan approach while playing competitive sports, which also instilled a sense of fairness, he says.

Both attributes are important to his job as the head of the internal audit function at Navient. Although part of the company, internal auditors function independently. They’re responsible for the examination, evaluation, and independent assessment of the company’s internal control system, and Steve reports directly to the board of directors’ audit committee.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Education is an extraordinary value in terms of providing the training that will put you in a position to get a good job,” he says. “For me, it was also a bridge to adulthood. It gave me a sense of community that lasts to this day. I also met my wife in college. It’s more than just a degree.”

A certified public accountant, Steve worked in public accounting at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. That experience gave him exposure to a diverse number of clients and industries.

“I enjoyed learning about each client’s business and how that business was reflected in the financial statements that I audited,” he says. “I also took pleasure in getting to know our clients’ personnel and their roles; I had an insider’s view of many companies’ cultures, and I could see how it impacted their success.”

In 2003, he joined Sallie Mae, where he held roles in internal audit and credit risk management. “I liked working for a company that helped people save, plan and pay for college,” he says. “It’s rewarding.”

Today, as head of the internal audit function at Navient, Steve is an advocate for customers and other stakeholders. “We make sure that the company is doing things the right way, complying with laws and being fair to customers and to investors.”

When he’s not working, Steve spends time with his wife and two daughters. He also likes to run, read, watch sports, and coach his daughter’s basketball team.

He savors the feeling of success after meeting a goal, whether in his personal life or after a day at Navient when there are plenty of checks next to items on the to-do list.

“I’m excited about the future of Navient,” he says. “We will continue to do things well and help our customers achieve success.”