Use PCX to access the PageCenterX reports.

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PageCenterX® (PCX) is a service offered by Navient that allows you to view, download, export, and print reports. It is like a bookshelf that holds all of the reports you need to access. PCX provides you with automated indexing, encryption and advanced search features. PCX can store and manage important documents and other file types to support vital business processes and compliance efforts. Regardless of how the information is formatted, PCX establishes a single secure facility to store, locate, and view application output and other content quickly using a standard web browser with full auditing capabilities.

With PCX you get:

  • A modern look and feel.
  • Options to customize your view of PCX.
  • The ability to receive email notifications when a new report is available.
  • Fast report processing and availability for viewing.
  • Fast report downloads.
  • No Java requirements.

For More Information on Using PCX:

  • Refer to the PCX Login Guide for instructions on logging into PCX, resetting your password, and finding your user ID.
  • Refer to the PCX User Guide located in the !PCX Documentation folder in PCX for complete instructions on using the many functions of PCX.
  • Refer to the PCX Quick Reference Card located in the !PCX Documentation folder in PCX for quick and easy steps to find and open your reports.
  • Refer to the PCX Report Information document located in the !PCX Documentation folder in PCX for help with finding report specific documentation.


If you have questions or need assistance:

  • Schools should contact Electronic Services at
  • Lenders should contact Electronic Services at
  • Guarantors should contact their Guarantor representative.
  • Collection Agencies should contact their Collection Agency representative.

Signing on

  1. Navigate to and launch PageCenterX.
  2. Type your Navient user ID and password.
  3. Click Log in.

PageCenterX® is a registered trademark of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.