"Helping our customers navigate the path to financial success is everything we stand for."
Jack Remondi
President and CEO

Customer Testimonials

Bryan G.

"My education has helped me understand a better view of the world. In turn, my education has provided me with a higher self-esteem and confidence to take on new challenges in life. My college experience was nothing short of greatness due to financing that was made available to me!"

- Bryan G., Arizona

Anthony H.

"My education has helped me to make good decisions in making money, saving, and spending. I've been able to purchase two properties, pay off all debt (with the exception of my current mortgage, of course) and enjoy many material possessions, activities, and travels."

- Anthony H., Washington

Tyler F.

"These loans helped fund a time in my life that I will always cherish and for that I am very thankful that you were there to help me through it."

- Tyler F., Washington

"Earning my degree has helped me be more marketable in my industry. I have learned as much, if not more, about my industry since graduation as I did in school. My time in college taught me social skills, writing skills, working skills, and research skills that have helped me to be successful. It's more valuable to learn how to find answers than to feel you have all the answers."

- Paul B., Kansas

"By the time I'd finished my education, I had two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. Although I work as a military chaplain, I've used my education to publish professionally, and that education has impacted every aspect of my work in the civilian and military sectors. Education is more than just data — it's the ability to think and reason, to adapt and change course, to research independently and to know when your own work needs to be tweaked or rebuilt."

- Matthew S., California