Millions of student loan success stories:


Millions of Americans rely on student loans to finance their higher education. These are unique people with unique hopes and dreams. But they share one thing in common: they all want to repay their loans successfully. During the past 40 years, we've helped millions of customers achieve that goal.

We're honored to play our part in guiding customers along the path to financial success. We're proud of the insight we're able to share, and to see the difference it makes:

9 times out of 10, when we speak to struggling federal student loan customers, they avoid default.

Borrowers serviced by Navient are 37 percent less likely to default compared to others.

That's the power of Team Navient.

Meet Jenn M.

Meet some of the people behind our numbers

“Being able to connect via social media puts us a step closer to the customer.”

– Jenn M., Team Navient

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“Engaged and tenured employees provide better customer service.”

– Sheri, Team Navient

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“I want to provide people with a complete solution, making sure they get all the information they need up front.”

– Aaron, Team Navient

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“It’s an exciting time to be a part of Navient. I enjoy being part of a growing company that provides tangible value and critical services to customers and clients.”

– Thom, Team Navient

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"Navient is able to listen to borrowers' needs and come up with solutions to help them."

– Kenol, Team Navient

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"I find it so rewarding to make a difference in someone's life by investing time to train them to help others."

– Jenn C., Team Navient

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"My drive is to make sure we're doing everything right for the customer and following all of the correct protocols to help them achieve success."

– Josh, Team Navient

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"My hands-on experience as a collections specialist helps me guide new members of Team Navient, so they have a positive impact on our customers."

– Derek, Team Navient

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"I enjoy learning from real customer feedback and adapting our website to fit their needs."

– Heather, Team Navient

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"We are a bridge to help customers through a tough time."

– Dominick, Team Navient

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"Whatever topic we explore, our goal is always the same: determine what's going to help our customers the most."

– Julie, Team Navient

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"It's exciting to be part of a team that is — in some ways — the face of Navient."

– Andrea, Team Navient

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"It's really rewarding to know our work can have a positive impact on customers' lives."

– Amanda, Team Navient

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"When we can talk with our customers, there's so much we can do to help them find the right solutions."

– Gaston, Team Navient

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"That's what it's all about: helping one person at a time succeed"

– Megan S., Team Navient

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"The more confident and informed our borrowers are, the more likely they are to succeed in school, in repaying their loans, and in life."

– Ray, Team Navient

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