"I find it so rewarding to make a difference in someone's life by investing time to train them to help others."


Get to know: Jenn C.

Collections & Training Manager for a Navient Subsidiary, New York

Navient is committed to providing its customers with the best guidance and protection for their accounts. This commitment never ends, and we’re always looking to get better. To support this ongoing evolution, Jenn creates and adapts training programs and materials for a broad range of new initiatives.

Jenn's dedication shows through in many ways, including her willingness to relocate and provide on-site, hands-on help wherever she's needed. In the last two years, she has temporarily relocated from her home in upstate New York to work on special projects in Indiana and Tennessee. Jenn's work gives Team Navient the resources it needs to guide customers along their path to financial success.

"I take pride in helping employees service customers in the best possible way, while finding the best ways to meet customers' needs," says Jenn. "I measure my success by how successful Team Navient is in supporting all of our customers. By investing in our employees' training, we can pass on the knowledge they need to assist customers who often simply need to be educated on all the options available to them."

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