Credit Reporting

In addition to helping our student loan customers achieve successful loan repayment, we are committed to the highest of industry standards when it comes to relaying important information to consumer reporting agencies.

We understand that the protection and factual portrayal of credit and your credit score is an integral part of your financial life.

Credit Basics

Your credit report is a record of your history as a borrower, maintained by a consumer reporting agency based on information reported by your existing and prior lenders. Other financial obligations such as liens, judgments, medical debts, and other debts may appear on a credit report as well.

When you apply for new credit, potential lenders may review your full credit report but they often make decisions based on your credit score. The weight any particular lender gives to credit scores varies by lender and is entirely determined by the lenders themselves.

Your financial habits are reflected in your credit score — an important number. Credit scores offer lenders a glimpse at your financial practices, with various factors such as your bill-paying habits, indebtedness, and how you’ve handled past financial hurdles captured in a single number.

Your credit score may be the key factor in many borrowing situations for financial institutions who attempt to measure your credit worthiness. It can be the difference between financing your dream car or, sadly, being told you don’t qualify for a loan. Negative credit information may reflect on your credit report for up to seven years from when a delinquency began and bankruptcy data may reflect for up to ten years.

If you ever struggle to make your student loan payments, let us know. We have options that could better fit your situation, including plans based on your income. Remember, making payments in a timely manner is essential to maintaining good credit history.

Understand the Facts

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that dictates how financial institutions – such as Navient – provide information to the consumer reporting agencies. It sets industry rules which encompass both the protection of the privacy of information and what and how information may be reported. Accuracy and integrity of information reported is one of our most important obligations under the law.

In addition to your interests, the financial sector relies on fair and accurate credit reporting. When Navient forwards information to the consumer reporting agencies, we do so with the mutual understanding that lenders need up-to-date facts on borrowers in order to make good credit decisions.

Our goal is always to furnish accurate and complete reporting. However, if you disagree with any of the accuracy of our reports, it's your right and our obligation to investigate any dispute.

Take Control Over Your Credit

Get your credit report each year.

Accessing your credit history is easy – and once per year it's free, too. Request your free credit report from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

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Become credit-aware.

Understand the meaning of your score and practice good credit building habits.

Read About 4 Good Credit Habits

Courtesy Retractions And Credit Reporting

When information is reported accurately, the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not permit Navient to reverse or provide courtesy retractions of information to consumer reporting agencies. This ensures we provide information as accurately as possible – even when it's not the outcome a customer has hoped for.

If you recognize an error on your credit report related to a loan serviced by Navient, contact the individual consumer reporting agency reflecting the error or reach out to us directly in writing. Be sure to provide sufficient documentation with a detailed explanation for the basis of the dispute.

As part of your dispute, you'll need to include the account number and your name, address, and telephone number. We'll notify you in writing with the result of our review.

Questions about specific factors impacting your credit score should be directed to the consumer reporting agency from whom you obtained the score. We do not produce credit scores. Credit scoring methods are proprietary to the companies that produce them.

Supporting materials can include:

  • A copy of the relevant sections of your credit report highlighting the disputed reporting.
  • Canceled checks or bank statements reflecting loan payments you believe were not applied to your account.
  • School enrollment information related to the loans involved in the reporting.
  • An identity theft report and supporting information if you believe your loan is the result of identity theft. This requires filing a report with your local or state police department or other law enforcement agency.
  • Any other information you believe is pertinent to your claim.


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