Help Videos

Student Loan Basics

These videos are designed to help on your repayment journey, covering important information about your student loans. Watch them in any order you want – whenever you want – depending on your interests and situation. The information in these videos can be useful regardless of who your servicer is, so feel free to share this resource with friends and family who may be interested.

What can I do if I’m having trouble making my payments?

Long- and short-term plans as well as other programs are available if you are having financial issues.

What happens if I don’t make my payments?

Learn about delinquency and default and how to keep your loans in good standing.

Repayment timeline

What to expect while in school, your six-month grace period (if applicable), and in repayment.

Terms to know – the 3 parts of a loan

Learn about principal, interest, and fees and how they add up to your current balance.

How interest accrual works

Learn how interest will affect your loan repayment.

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