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Tips include:

  • Understand the meaning of your score
  • Good credit building habits
  • ...and more!
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Managing Your Account Online

We've made it easy for you to make payments, access information, and be confident you're on the path to financial success.

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Replay recorded webcast: Managing Successful Student Loan Repayment

Explore What You’re Eligible For

Select a repayment plan that's right for your situation. Or postpone payments for a period of time – which you may decide to do as you go back to school or change professions, for example.

  • Identify options that will work with your monthly budget.
  • Find out if you’re eligible for an Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plan – then go to to apply.
  • Learn if you qualify for loan forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge.
  • Request a deferment or forbearance – but try IDR first!
    You could potentially reduce your monthly payment amount to as low as $0.


Account Summary

This page provides quick access to loan information and payment status.

  • Payments due are easy to find.
  • Loan information can be expanded, to show current balances and interest rates.
  • Loans in Auto Pay are clearly indicated.
  • The Recent Payments section shows processing status.
  • The Messages section alerts you to updates on your account.
  • Tax statements are easily accessible in the left menu.

Make a Payment and Enroll in Auto Pay

Make payments or enroll in recurring Auto Pay in 3 easy steps.

  • Payment effective dates now include weekends and holidays.
  • Loan information can be expanded, to show current balances and interest rates.
  • New alerts will remind you to make one-time payments before Auto Pay takes effect, helping you stay current.

Account History

This page shows all transactions that have taken place during the life of your loan.

  • View transactions by date or by loan.
  • See how each payment is applied to principal and interest.
  • Sort by any column to see similar transactions.
  • Use the By Loan display to see how unpaid principal declines with each payment.
  • Export data to a spreadsheet for easy tracking and management.

Loan Details

This page shows all you need to know about each loan.

  • Repayment plan and schedule
  • Estimated paid in full date
  • Original principal
  • Current balance
  • Payoff amount
  • Interest rate and type
  • School attended

Help Center

Here, find resources to help you manage your loans, including information on:

  • Payments
  • Auto Pay
  • Payment options
  • School enrollment
  • Tax reporting
  • Military benefits
  • Loan consolidation

Still have questions? Use the Email Us feature.


Manage all your personal information on one page.

  • User ID and Password
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Cell phone consent preferences
  • Email address and permissions
  • Bank accounts
  • Loans in Auto Pay

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